Doug J. Moore, Ph.D.

Doug J. Moore, Ph.D.

Learn to Thrive and Awaken

Helping you develop the tools to
choose how to respond and expand your consciousness.

Doug J Moore, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Life-Coach, & Spiritual Teacher

Expand Your Consciousness

As you thrive, your consciousness expands to experience your deepest nature of love, awe, and joy.  This Conscious Awareness is living your true potential.

Develop Thriving Tools
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Discover your True Nature

Live Fully in the Present!

Working with Doug and the Teachings

There are many opportunities in working with Doug,
all of which are through his website:

Coaching Notes are short informal recordings on a variety of topics that emerged in Doug’s coaching.  These are insights and comments on real issues that people are dealing with.

Doug has created courses that reflect the the Steps and Tools needed to move from Survival Mode to Thriving and Awakening.  For example, there is an 19-lesson course on Thriving with Self-Compassion.

Deepening Presence® is an ongoing spiritual study group that has been meeting for over 10 years.  These clips are snippets of conversations from the group all oriented towards how to Thrive then Awaken to a greater consciousness.

This blog explores a variety of topics about the core concepts of Thriving and Awakening.

Anyone can submit a question to Doug and he provides a personalized videotaped response. 

These questions come from members of Thrive and Awaken® during live group calls.  They are time stamped so you can go to specific questions and comments of interest to you.

Members can request individual sessions with Doug to help them Thrive and Awaken by integrating the work being studied.  This can be for individuals or couples.  Availability varies based on his schedule.

More extensive experiences are available to members.  They provide an opportunity to deepen into and integrate the core concepts of Thrive and Awaken®.

Do you want support in exploring your deepest nature and expanded consciousness? Sessions with Doug explore and release the blockages in experiencing who you really are as part of Oneness.  Available only to members when there are openings.

Learn to Thrive and Awaken!!

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Explore the steps we take from moving out of Survival Mode and all of its reactive habits into Thriving Mode where we have the opportunity to be more mindful, heartfelt, and grounded in life.  Then we experience the steps in moving from Thriving Mode to Awakening, learning to live as our True Nature.

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Thriving and Awakening Tools contain many topics such as self-compassion, mindfulness, meditation, compassionate curiosity, and complete acceptance. Enjoy exploring, learning, and using the tools for self-discovery and conscious awakening.

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We need energy and inspiration to use the tools in moving from Surviving to Thriving, then into Awakening. You’ll learn from others’ examples and be able to share your own.  Awe, Love, and Joy are sources of fuel and you’ll discover how they are your True Nature calling you home.