Doug J. Moore, Ph.D.

Doug J. Moore, Ph.D.

Deepening Presence® Overview

Deepening Presence® is a Study Group to Live More Deeply from Your Spiritual Nature

For the past 10+ years we have been exploring the infinite expressions of our spiritual nature. This in-depth study group integrates practices of mindfulness, meditation, breath work, movement, and inquiry while using tools from Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, and the wisdom of the Enneagram. We explore the steps and tools needed to move from our reactive survival mode into thriving mode. These practices help to shift the habitual aspects of our personalities to reveal our most radiant and loving nature.

Historically, there were three Levels to Deepening Presence®. They guided you through the steps we take in moving from our normal survival mode into thriving and awakening modes. We all have automatic habitual reactions to life that are formed because of influences from our family history, culture, and biology. Level I of Deepening Presence® prepares you for awakening by walking you through 5 steps required to shift from the reactive Survival Mode into Thriving Mode. Level II takes you through 5 additional steps in moving from Thriving Mode to Awakening Mode. Level III focuses on our continued awakening:

  • Exploring in more depth the Steps from Surviving to Thriving Awakening
  • Awakening as an Infinite Unfolding
  • Integrating Presence into Daily Life
  • Discovering the Qualities of True Nature Within
  • Living as True Nature

Deepening Presence® will be revised once Thrive and Awaken® launches. Members will be notified of all revisions and openings to such groups.