Articles by Doug Moore

Feinstein, D., Moore, D., Tepliz, D. (2012) Addressing Emotional Blocks to Healing in an Energy Medicine Practice: Ethical and Clinical Guidelines. Energy Psychology, 4 (1), 49-57.

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Energy Psychology

Feinstein, D. (2008). Energy Psychology in DisasterTraumatology.
Feinstein, D. (2015) How Energy Psychology Changes Deep Emotional Learnings. Neuropsychotherapist, on-line journal.

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Association for Energy Psychology (2016)
Fact Sheet on the Science Behind Energy Psychology

Dawson, C et. al. (2017) Emotional freedom techniques to treat posttraumatic stress disorder in veterans:  Review of the evidence, survey of practitioners, and proposed clinical guidelines.  Permamente Journal.

TED Talk on Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) by Peta Stapleton

Energy Medicine

Kafatos, M. (2015) Biofield Science: Current Physics Perspective.  Global Advances in Health & Medicine, Volume 4 (suppl) pp. 25-34.

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Dufresne, F. (2015) Feasibility of Energy Medicine in a Community Teaching Hospital. The Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine, Volume 21, Number 6, pp. 339–349.

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Meridian Research:

Stefanov, M., et. al (2013) The Primo Vascular System as a New Anatomical System. Journal of Acupucture and meridian Studies, Vol. 6 (6), pp. 331-338.

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Harvard neuroscientist: Meditation not only reduces stress, here’s how it changes your brain.  Washington Post Interview with Sara Lazar on 5/26/15.

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Doug J. Moore, Ph.D. is a Psychologist, Life Coach, and Spiritual Teacher.  He is the founder of Thrive and Awaken®, a website with classes on self-discovery and conscious waking.  He provides online life coaching and spiritual direction and spiritual teaching to help people learn to Thrive and Awaken®.  Doug Moore integrates traditional services with alternative and complementary approaches such as meditation, mindfulness, enneagram, energy psychology, energy medicine, EFT, AIT, and EMDR. Doug's holistic approach is applicable for people wanting to learn thriving tools applicable to many areas of daily life as well as those wanting to transform their personal, professional, and spiritual development. He works with adults, couples and organizations in the USA and internationally. As an Amazon Associate I earn a commission from qualifying purchases. This applies to links to books on my site.

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