Love   Passion   Connection   Trust

Play  Excitement   Honesty   Peace

Companionship   Intimacy   Friendship

Wanting more of these qualities in your relationship?
  Couples or Marriage Coaching may be for you!

Couples coaching can help you achieve these qualities.  One of the major reasons couples run into problems is because of difficulty communicating their needs and resolving their differences.

  • Do you avoid discussing a problem?
  • Do your conversations end up in an argument?
  • Do you have unresolved hurt from something your partner said or did?
  • Do you have resentments starting to build?
  • Do you feel more distance?

Most couples never took classes in how to successfully communicate.  We get manuals and tutorials for our computer but don’t have equivalent training in how to develop mutually satisfying relationships.  We frequently rely on how our parents communicated, which may not have been the most skillful based on their own life experiences.

A goal of couple’s coaching is to learn how to communicate more effectively and enhance your connectedness.

You will have the opportunity to learn how to:

  • Develop effective communication skillsDoug 6
  • Listen and express your needs in a safe environment with an objective coach
  • Resolve conflicts respectfully
  • Discuss different beliefs about money, sex, religion, parenting and more
  • Appreciate problems associated with your families of origin
  • Respect differences as tools for creating balance
  • Develop mutual personal, couple and family goals

I view couples coaching as a way to strengthen and enhance a relationship.   This can be done before you make a commitment to each other,  before you enter  the relationship, or
everywhere in between.

If your partner won’t participate, don’t let that stop you from seeking the help you desire.    You can still learn a lot in how to work through some of your differences on your own.

Sometimes couples find it helpful to each work with me individually and as a couple;  other times they only see me as a couple.  We would discuss all options and mutually agree on the best route for you.  Couples may wish to immerse themselves in the work and try to make a lot of progress quickly.  If you desire that, having a day-long session can be quite informative and moving.


Doug J. Moore, Ph.D. is a Psychologist, Life Coach, and Spiritual Teacher.  He is the founder of Thrive and Awaken®, a website with classes on self-discovery and conscious waking.  He provides online life coaching and spiritual direction and spiritual teaching to help people learn to Thrive and Awaken®.  Doug Moore integrates traditional services with alternative and complementary approaches such as meditation, mindfulness, enneagram, energy psychology, energy medicine, EFT, AIT, and EMDR. Doug's holistic approach is applicable for people wanting to learn thriving tools applicable to many areas of daily life as well as those wanting to transform their personal, professional, and spiritual development. He works with adults, couples and organizations in the USA and internationally. As an Amazon Associate I earn a commission from qualifying purchases. This applies to links to books on my site.

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