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An Ongoing Study Group to Live More Deeply from Your Spiritual Nature

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A New Series is Being Planned


Deepening Presence® explores the infinite expressions of our spiritual nature.  This in-depth study group integrates practices of mindfulness, meditation, breath work, movement, and inquiry while using tools from Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, and the wisdom of the Enneagram. These practices help to shift the habitual aspects of our personalities to reveal our most radiant and loving nature.

There are three Levels to Deepening Presence®.  They guide you through the steps we take in moving from our normal survival mode into thriving and awakening modes.  We all have automatic habitual reactions to life that are formed because of influences from our family history, culture, and biology.  Level I of Deepening Presence® prepares you for awakening by walking you through 6 steps required to shift from the reactive Survival Mode into Thriving Mode.  Level II takes you through 6 additional steps in moving from Thriving Mode to Awakening Mode.  Level III focuses on our continued awakening.

Level II:  Moving into Awakening

1st Year:  Module 1 Thriving to Awakening

Step 1: Yearning for More Depth & Presence

Step 2: Awakening to Our True Nature

Step 3: Deepening Our Presence

2nd Year:  Module 2 Thriving to Awakening

Step 4: Shifting Identities

Step 5: Releasing Illusions

Step 6: Experiencing Awakening

A New Series Starting:
9/19/19 for 1st year participants & 9/25/19 for 2nd year participants

Deepening Presence® Level II is for those who have finished Level I of Deepening Presence® or who have done significant personal transformation and spiritual work through other paths. 

Level II explores even more deeply the infinite expressions of our spiritual nature. We will continue to integrate a variety of practices from Mindfulness, Meditation, Movement, Personal Inquiry, Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, and the wisdom of the Enneagram. 

These practices help to shift the habitual aspects of our personalities to reveal our most radiant and loving nature.

  • Mindfulness Meditation techniques help us increase awareness of those behavioral, emotional, cognitive, and energetic habits that make up our personality.  They help us learn the “being” part of living to help balance all the “doing”.  This Level will help you deepen your practice of mindfulness and meditation.
  • Transformative tools from Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology will be used to release and balance the energies holding those negative beliefs, unwanted emotions and unhealthy behavioral habits that get stored up and are unresolved.   Participants will become facile in using these tools to unlock these aspects of our personality that block True Nature from expressing its clarity, joy, and abundance.  Energy Work will also be used to activate perceptions and experiences of our spiritual nature.
  • The Enneagram is a sophisticated map that outlines the perceptions and emotions associated with how we experience the loss of oneness with True Nature when we are embodied on this Earth.  By understanding and then fully allowing our personality styles in all of their diversity, we begin to experience life from a place of radiance, abundance, oneness, and peace.

Join us in an opportunity to integrate wisdoms from the East and West in living a more balanced, centered and fulfilling life. This study group will help support you in the next step of deepening into your spiritual path.


If you have not completed Level I and are interested in joining Deepening Presence® at this level, please send me a description of your personal transformation and spiritual work as well as your current practice.  Then we will set up a brief meeting to discuss the group so we both can feel assured that Level II is in your best interest at this time.  Click here if you’ve not seen the information about Level I.

Participants are asked to attend through April 2020.

Facilitated by

Doug Moore, Ph.D., Psychologist, Life-Coach & Spiritual Director

Much of this coursework evolved from years of collaboration with Kathleen B. Corcoran, Ph.D.and the Surviving to Thriving model we developed. I also collaborated with Jane L. Eckert, Ph.D. in developing Enneagram Dynamics.  I’m grateful for these partnerships that have enhanced and inspired the work.  


Total cost is $680 and may be divided into 4 payments of $170.  Payments are due:

1st Year Participants: 9/19/19, 11/14/19, 1/9/20, 2/20/20

2nd Year Participants: 9/25/19, 11/6/19, 12/18/19, 2/12/20

Please consider this program like a college class where you pay for the entire course whether you miss or withdraw.  If you have to miss a particular session, it will be taped and made available on the website.



1st Year: (Thursdays)

9/19, 10/3, 10/17, 10/29, 11/14, 11/23 (retreat) 12/12
2020:  1/9, 1/23, 2/6, 2/20, 3/5, 3/19, 4/2

2nd Year: (Wednesdays)

2019: 9/25, 10/9, 10/23, 11/6, 11/23 (retreat) 12/4, 12/18
2020: 1/15, 1/29, 2/12, 2/26, 3/11, 3/25, 4/8


Regular: 6:30p-8:30p
Retreat: 9:30a-1:30p


Online except for the retreat whose location will be announced.

Continuing Education

Deepening Presence® is open to anyone.  If you happen to be an Ohio Psychologist, Social Worker, Counselor or Marriage and Family Therapist, 2 hrs. of CEU per class, are available for $25.  These will be available upon completing the series. 


Email, call or text Doug:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 216-239-0382 (calls & texts)


If you are currently coping with significant emotional issues, this may not be the right time to be in such a group.  If in therapy, discuss with your therapist if this group is in your best interest.  All you need is a stableness & readiness to let go of old habitual ways of being and a desire to deepen into your Spiritual Nature.

If you are not clear about your Enneagram type at this point, you can retake the Enneagram assessment at,  look for the Full RHETI.  For Level I we referred to an Enneagram book, The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Riso and Hudson.  For Level II, I recommend you read Personality Types by Riso & Hudson & Spiritual Dimensions of the Enneagram by Sandra Maitri.

Come...Deepen into Your Presence


Doug J. Moore, Ph.D. is a Psychologist, Life Coach, and Spiritual Teacher.  He is the founder of Thrive and Awaken®, a website with classes on self-discovery and conscious waking.  He provides online life coaching and spiritual direction and spiritual teaching to help people learn to Thrive and Awaken®.  Doug Moore integrates traditional services with alternative and complementary approaches such as meditation, mindfulness, enneagram, energy psychology, energy medicine, EFT, AIT, and EMDR. Doug's holistic approach is applicable for people wanting to learn thriving tools applicable to many areas of daily life as well as those wanting to transform their personal, professional, and spiritual development. He works with adults, couples and organizations in the USA and internationally. As an Amazon Associate I earn a commission from qualifying purchases. This applies to links to books on my site.

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