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Saturday, April 25, 2019 9:30-4:30

Join a community focused on
self-discovery and conscious living!

A program of Thrive and Awaken!




 Are you frequently critical of yourself?
Do you struggle with changing habits?
Is anxiety or depression an aspect of your life?
Are you out of balance in eating, exercise, drinking, or work?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,
developing Self-Compassion is essential in resolving
these issues so you can truly thrive.


Self-Compassion is an essential quality of
Thriving Mode.  It is the ability to be supportive,
accepting, and nurturing of yourself wherever
you are in the journey of your life.




A Program of Thrive and Awaken for University Hospitals of Cleveland

Douglas J. Moore, Ph.D.
November & December 2017

This is a series of workshops designed specifically for medical students.  Each session will have a blend of instruction, experiencing mindfulness, and discussion in how to apply the methods personally and clinically.  In addition, mindfulness will be placed in the larger context of what it means to be thriving and living one’s potential.

Session 1:  The Practice of Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness
The Relationship between Mindfulness and Meditation
Learning to Be Present While We are Doing
Various Applications of Mindfulness
Benefits and Risks
Experiencing Mindfulness
How Mindfulness is Salient in Change and Developing New Habits
Resources and Apps

Session 2:  Mindfulness of the Mind

Overview of Surviving vs Thriving Mode
Training the Mind to be Focused & Concentrate
Expanding Our Capacity to be Open & Curious
Increasing Observational Skills and Acceptance

Session 3:  Mindfulness of the Body

Mindful Breathing to Calm the Stress Reaction
How Mindfulness affects the Neurobiology of Emotions and Thoughts
Importance of Posture Awareness
Mindfulness in Sitting, Standing, Walking, & Exercise

Session 4:  Mindfulness of Emotions

Emergence of Compassion, Gratitude, Kindness, Love & Awe
Working with Intense Emotions & Self-Regulation
Role of Mindfulness and Interpersonal Interactions
Integrating All the Forms of Mindfulness
Sustaining a Life-Long Practice

Thriving for Health Care Professionals
A Program of Thrive and Awaken

for the Cleveland Clinic Children's Rehabilitation Hospital

Douglas J. Moore, Ph.D.

March, July & October 2017

This is a series of workshops designed to support staff in living and working within a Thriving Mode while their patients and families are functioning in Survival Mode.

Enneagram Dynamics™

Experience 9 life strategies to fully Discover yourself,
develop the skills to truly Thrive,
and Awaken to a greater consciousness.

This is only open to members of Deepening Presence® and Awakening 101

Date & Time:
Cleveland:  June 10th.  8:30am-12:30pm
Pennyslvania: June 11th 8:30- 12:30pm

Facilitated by:
Doug Moore, Ph.D & Jane Eckert, Ph.D.

Enneagram Dynamics™ is being developed by Doug Moore, Ph.D. & Jane Eckert, Ph.D.  Many thanks goes to Don Riso and Russ Hudson of the Enneagram Institute as well as Helen Palmer and David Daniels of the Narrative Traditions.  Their concepts are inextricably woven throughout Enneagram Dynamics™.   Much appreciation goes to A.H. Almaas and Sandra Maitri for their work with the Diamond Approach.  Doug and Jane have studied the Diamond Approach for many years and have been greatly influenced by the teachings.  All “new approaches” are really derived from all those before us who have been pioneers expressing the field of greater consciousness.



Join Doug Moore, Ph.D. for These New One-Day
Workshops to Learn How to Truly Thrive.


Cultivating Flow:  Using Mindfulness & Energy Tools to Adapt and Flow with Life

June 27th 2015   9:00-4:30

Develop the primary tools that enhance your ability to manage distressing emotions and to cultivate uplifting ones in order to more easily adapt and thrive with life.

Mindfulness reveals how and why we automatically react to life situations.  It also enables us to find the moment to choose how we want to respond versus continuing in reactive patterns.

Energy tools will be learned and practiced to decrease  automatic reactions. The science behind this transformation is outlined in the following article by David Feinstein, titled:  “How Energy Psychology Changes Deep Emotional Learnings”. Click on the title for a free pdf of the article.

Discover More of Yourself:  An Introduction to the Enneagram, Sensory Styles, and 5 Elements

July 25th 2015   9:00-4:30

Learn about yourself using three different yet complementary systems that illuminate aspects of your personality.   The Enneagram offers a map of  9 essential life strategies.  The Sensory Styles  show how you perceive life differently when your primary sense is auditory, visual, kinesthetic, or mental.  The 5 Elements walk you through the rhythms of your life that correspond with the seasons.  Each invites an exploration of yourself and a path for change & growth.

The Enneagram is considered by many to be the most sophisticated system of understanding ourselves that exists worldwide and is applicable across cultures. There are 9 primary life strategies we use to perceive and function in our world. We will identify our unique and natural tendencies and learn ways to balance all 9 strategies.

The 4 Sensory Styles filter our life experiences. Our senses are powerful gateways through which information flows and each person has one that is more prominent than the others. For example, individuals who have a primary auditory lens will be more sensitive to what they hear rather than what they see or feel.

The 5 Elements are an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and correspond to the seasons.  For example, individuals with a  primary Water element, which is associated with Winter, will find it easier to flow and be creative.  When out of balance they can feel  frozen or stuck, leading to fear of the future.

You will walk away with a good appreciation of the three systems and how they apply to you,  giving you a solid foundation for further exploration.

Balancing the Heart, Mind & Body

August 22th 2015   9:00-4:30

Practice tools to stay grounded and centered in your body while clearing the mind and opening the heart.  These are the practices necessary for developing presence, compassion, and wisdom. 

It’s easy to be on automatic pilot, using our body to transport our head somewhere.  We will experience a variety of methods to help us feel very grounded and in touch with our body or belly center while we sit, stand, and move.  This is the foundation to feeling centered and present. 

We will explore a variety of mindfulness and meditation techniques that help to focus and calm the mind.  This workshop will be a place to learn these skills or enhance the practice you already have.  Candace Pert, a neurobiologist, demonstrated that physiologically we have the brain receptors that make us “Wired for Joy”.  The research on meditation has shown it helps to rewire the brain in a way that calms our fears and anxieties, to make room for the joy receptors to be expressed.

Once we feel centered in the moment and clear the mind, we are ready to open the heart and feel love, gratitude, joy, and awe.  The researchers at  Heart Math say, “The heart is a sensory organ and acts as a sophisticated information encoding and processing center that enables it to learn, remember, and make independent functional decisions.”  The heart does more than just pump blood, it remembers.  For example, people with heart transplants have reported on memories specific to the donor.  In this workshop we will practice a variety of methods that support the intelligence of the heart to express compassion and love.

Join us in learning to Balance the Heart, Mind, and Body so you can experience the joy of living.

You are welcome to attend any one, two or all three workshops. Come and experience yourself more fully!!!


Workshops are open to anyone interested in learning how to truly thrive.  The Cleveland Center for Conscious Living is an Approved Provider for Ohio Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers, & Marriage/Family Therapists. If applicable, there are 6 CEUs available for each workshop.


Doug is a psychologist, life-coach, and spiritual director who blends traditional psychological methods with the practice of mindfulness, the wisdom of the Enneagram, and the application of principles from Energy Medicine & Energy Psychology. He has an ongoing study group called Deepening Presence®and is co-developing with Jane Eckert, Ph.D. a new program called Enneagram Dynamics™.  Classes are planned for the Fall of 2015.

About True Thriving®:

These workshops are part of True Thriving®, a set of practices developed with Kathleen B. Corcoran, Ph.D. that integrates the concepts of brain science, contemporary psychology, and the wisdom of eastern methods in a comprehensive system for our personal growth and transformation.


Sponsored by and held at the Cleveland Center for Conscious Living. 
Click address for directions.
6611 Rockside Rd., Suite 215
Independence, OH  44131

Live Your Potential!

Surviving to Thriving
A Program of True Thriving®

Kathleen B. Corcoran, Ph.D. &
Douglas J. Moore, Ph.D.

Saturday, October 18, 2014
9:00am – 4:30 pm

Convert Reactive Habits into Mindful Choices

We all want to be engaged in our lives with vigor, direction, and passion. Our truest nature and the way are brains are wired is with a deep yearning for joy, love, and connection. Yet, we can get completely thrown off course by stressful jobs, challenging relationships, financial uncertainties, etc.  At times we can feel that life is just a grind rather than a gift to be enjoyed.

The stresses of day to day life and the steady stream of news of climate change, terrorists, a faltering economy, spread of deadly viruses, and more can all activate the part of us that is wired for survival.  It can leave us feeling as though we’re always waiting for the next round of bad news. 

Our survival wiring keeps us on the lookout for some form of danger right around the corner.   This vigilance, often referred to as our fight, flight, freeze response, activates the body to take action and protect itself.  This is adaptive when confronted with real threats to our survival.  However, when we keep ourselves in a hyper-vigilant state, over time there is a gradual wearing down of our energy, resilience, and immune system, making it difficult to enjoy life.

When this survival mode dominates, we form entrenched habits and find ourselves getting quickly frustrated, fearful, or eager to escape the pressures.  These habitual reactions are called the Karpman Triangle, Victim Triangle, or Drama Triangle.  Although the habits or roles have been well documented with regard to family or organizational dynamics, little is written about how to get out of this survival pattern and truly thrive.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore the many ways we experience these automatic reactions with our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  With the benefit of neuroscience, mindfulness, energy medicine, and energy psychology, specific skills will be  learned and practiced that allow us to shift quickly and easily out of this reactive mode and into a thriving mode.  We offer a roadmap to thrive that allows us to stay grounded, open-hearted and proactive in the midst of even the most difficult life challenges.

Treat yourself to a day of self-discovery and gain the confidence & skills to make the changes you've been yearning for in your life and in your relationships!!

Using True Thriving Practices to Activate Vibrant Health

Douglas J. Moore, Ph.D. & Kathleen B. Corcoran, Ph.D.

Join us for this 2-day workshop/retreat to explore and experience 10 essential practices you can develop to create a life of True Thriving™.  Vibrant health of the whole person goes beyond stress management, it centers on life-style shifts that allow us to truly thrive.

* Transform Your Emotions & Rewire Your Brain
* Experience Mindfulness, Meditation, Self-inquiry & More...
* Convert Reactive, Survival Based Habits into Thriving Skills
* Discover 9 Life Strategies Associated with the Enneagram
* Balance Foundational & Maladaptive Energies

Studies show that stress can worsen or increase the risk of conditions like obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal problems, and asthma.  Stress management techniques have been helpful with such conditions.  However, the effects of stress management are limited until deeper life-style shifts are implemented that facilitate a vibrancy in health.

Drs. Corcoran and Moore have integrated the concepts of brain science, contemporary psychology & the wisdom of eastern methods into a comprehensive system that is foundational to our personal growth and transformation.

Come, explore your potential for True Thriving™.

This  workshop is applicable to holistic practitioners and the general public interested in exploring how to truly thrive for vibrant health and not just get by in life.  12 CEUs are available to those participants who are psychologists, counselors, social workers, and marriage and family counselors in Ohio.  CEUs are provided by the Conscious Living Consortium.


Date:   April 5th & 6th, 2014  9am-5pm 
Location: Cleveland Center for Conscious Living,

Sponsored by:
American Holistic Medical Association, NE Ohio Chapter
Conscious Living Consortium

Testimonial from Day 1:

"True Thriving helped me slow the world down and reconnect with myself.  It helped me learn to be a better listener and to bring myself back to the present when my brain starts to drift.  And most of al, it helped me to take notice of the victimization weed when it takes hold - and cut it at the root."  Kelsey M.

The Heart of Conscious Living for Healing & Well-Being

A presentation for nurses and social workers in developing Presence & Conscious Awareness for themselves and their work with clients/patients.

The healing relationship is enhanced when the practitioner has developed foundational practices in presence and conscious awareness.  The presentation presented the 10 practices of True Thriving that foster conscious living for the practitioner and teach skills to help clients/patients integrate them into their daily lives.

Presented by:
Douglas J. Moore, Ph.D & Kathleen B. Corcoran, Ph.D.
Held at Bethany College, Bethany, WV
November 8, 2013

Journey in Loving Your Soul: Using the Enneagram to Uncover Your Spiritual Nature

A Two-Day Overview of the Enneagram Focusing on How It Can Reveal the Essence of Our Soul

Use the Enneagram to:

  • Explore the pathway to your spiritual nature
  • Learn to truly thrive rather than just getting by
  • Enhance skills to live more fully in your Soul’s Essence

The Essence of our Soul can be experienced in a variety of ways.  These include:

  • Deep Abiding Love for All
  • Oneness with Life
  • Effortlessness
  • Expansiveness
  • Perfection of Life as It is

We can have glimpses of these qualities and then return to our habitual everyday emotional and behavioral patterns.  These patterns are influenced by our history, culture and personality style.  The Enneagram is an amazing map of our personality styles and how each type is actually a doorway into our underlying spiritual nature.

This two-day workshop will focus on experiencing the different aspects of our Soul.  We will discover how our personality type can lead us to more fully express  Soul qualities, thus liberating the Soul to be a conscious daily expression.

Date & Time:  January 12 & 13, 2013 9:00-4:00pm

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cleveland Center for Conscious Living
6611 Rockside Rd., Suite 215
Independence, OH 44131

Sponsored by:
Jane L. Eckert, Ph.D.
Studio e, Akron Ohio

Enneagram Institute of Central Ohio

Your experience will be enhanced by taking the Enneagram test beforehand.  Go to and take the Full RHETI Enneagram test.

Using Energy Medicine to Live from Your
Spiritual Nature

A One-Day Workshop Based on the IGEEM 2012 Presentation of Doug Moore, Ph.D.

"Energy Medicine is the Next Frontier of Spiritual Awakening"
(D. Moore, IGEEM 2012)

 The Essence of our Soul can be experienced in a variety of ways such as deep abiding love, oneness with life, interconnectedness with others, and a dynamic peace. We can have glimpses of these enlightened qualities, but often we quickly return to our habitual everyday emotional and behavioral patterns. Triple Warmer and other energies have learned to maintain these habits. Such energies also protect us from assaults induced by others, the environment, or even ourselves.

We are wired for fear, but we also have many brain receptors for joy. The fear associated with our fight, flight, freeze reaction keeps us in a survival pattern. We get frustrated, tired, and start to wonder: “How do I get unstuck?” or alternatively, “How do I thrive and live from a place of abundance?”

Participants will learn how Energy Medicine, Mindfulness, Meditation, and the Enneagram allow us to have more than just glimpses into enlightened qualities. We will discuss how Eden Energy Medicine methods can be used to shift us from a surviving to thriving way of being.

In addition, the 5 Rhythms and the Enneagram will reveal how personality traits obscure our spiritual nature from expressing its joy, clarity, and abundance. We will experience how each of the 5 Rhythms is a doorway into our spiritual nature and cycling through them is a path for awakening.  


Saturday, Februay 9, 2013,  9 - 5 pm

Cleveland Center for Conscious Living
6611 Rockside Rd., Suite 215
Independence, OH  44131

Let Your Soul Radiate Its Love.

Using Energy Medicine to Live from Your Spiritual Nature

 The Essence of our Soul can be experienced in a variety of ways such as deep abiding love, oneness with life, and effortlessness. We can have glimpses of these qualities and then return to our habitual everyday emotional and behavioral patterns. Triple Warmer and other energies have learned to protect us from assaults induced by others, the environment, or even those that are self-generated.

Although we are wired for joy, we tend to close off our heart, avoid pain, and immerse ourselves in our personality structure as an attempt to provide a sense of identity and life purpose. We often get frustrated and tired and start to wonder: “How do I really make substantive changes?” or “How do I really thrive and live from a place of abundance?”

This presentation uses Energy Medicine, Mindfulness and the Enneagram to explore the energetic patterns and personality traits that obscure our spiritual Essence. The Enneagram is an amazing map of our personality styles and how each type is actually a doorway into our underlying spiritual nature. Participants will learn tools to unlock those aspects of our personality that block our True Nature from expressing its clarity, joy, and abundance.

 Place: IGEEM - The International Gathering for Eden Energy Medicine

Date: 9/26-9/30 2012
Location:  San Diego, CA

Integrating Energy Work into a Counseling Practice

This day long workshop will provide an overview of both Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology methods that may be integrated into a counseling practice.  Participants will have an opportunity to experience the methods and  review the current research behind such interventions.  Ethical considerations will also be discussed so participants can feel comfortable applying energy based methods in their practice.

Date: Februrary 17, 2012  9am-4pm
   EHOVE Adult Career Center
   316 W. Mason Rd.
   Milan, OH  44846

Using Energy Work to Develop Conscious Awareness

This two hour presentation focused on the role of subtle energies in expanding our conscious awareness.  It highlighted the current research supporting energy work for healing and how similar methods can facilitate personal transformation. 

This presentation was sponsored by the Institute for Noetic Sciences (IONS): Cleveland Chapter.   It was held in the Cleveland Center for Conscious Living Classroom  on October 30, 2011 from 3-5pm.

Meridians and Emotions

Our emotions are influenced by the balance and resiliency of the meridians or energy pathways inherent in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  This presentation will focus on the specific emotions associated with each meridian and methods to shift one's perceptions and balance the emotions.

This presentation is part of Class 8 in the Eden Energy Medicine Two-Year Certification Program.

February, 18, 2011

Phoenix, AZ

A Glimpse into Greater Consciousness through the Holy Ideas of the Enneagram

Douglas J. Moore, Ph.D

Institute of Noetic Sciences , Cleveland Chapter


What are the real boundaries of consciousness and self knowledge? Are there any? Holy Ideas are perspectives of Greater Consciousness.  They are particular ways of knowing and recognizing our true nature when we quiet the mind and are fully awake. When we embody our true nature, there is a disconnection from our experience of the Holy Ideas. The ego attempts to compensate for this disconnection by replicating the Holy Ideas through nine personality styles. This presentation will give an overview of the Holy Ideas and personality styles of the Enneagram.  Questions and discussion will follow.

The Holistic Heart:  The Role of Emotions, Thoughts & Energy

Douglas J. Moore, Ph.D

American Holistic Medical Association, Cleveland Chapter

Cleveland Clinic, Rockside Road

Independence , OH

June 17, 2010

Subtle Energy Work:  The Next Evolution in Psychotherapy?

Douglas J. Moore, Ph.D

Akron Psychological Association

Akron, OH

May 7 , 2010

Optimal Health in Holistic Medicine:  The Role of Positive Psychology, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

Douglas J. Moore, Ph.D & Craig Travis, Ph.D.

Ohio Health, Riverside Hospital

Dublin, OH

April 9, 2010

Ethical Considerations for the Integration of Alternative and Complementary Methods into Psychotherapy.

Douglas J. Moore, Ph.D & Jane L. Eckert, Ph.D.

Columbus, OH

July 10, 2009

The Evidence for Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology in Integrated Care

Featured Speaker at 3rd Annual Integrated Therapies Conference

MetroHealth Medical Center

Cleveland, OH

Friday, October 24, 2008

8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology: The New Frontier

Elizabeth Blackwell Center
Columbus, OH  43214
Friday, June 6, 2008
9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

What is the hype about Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology? Mehmet Oz, M.D., professor of surgery at Columbia University, has reported on Oprah that Energy Medicine is the new frontier of medicine. Norman Shealy, MD, the founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association, has predicted that “energy medicine is the future of medicine.”

To understand Energy Medicine, one can start with Einstein’s famous equation, E=MC2, which essentially teaches us that physical matter is a form of energy. Subsequent scientists, sparked by Einstein’s discoveries, have shown us that all ostensibly “solid” objects are comprised of vibrating molecules. Thus, all things, including our bodies, are waves and patterns of very tiny particles that have certain energetic properties.

For thousands of years, without the advantage of sophisticated scientific instruments, people across the world have developed ancient healing traditions based on the premise that the body is a living system of energy. Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology takes these ancient traditions and brings them into the 21st century to promote health and well-being.

Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology are based on the premise that emotional and physical illnesses result from disturbances in the body’s energies. Innovative methods have been developed do assess and balance the disruptions in these energies. Some of these methods are increasingly being used in integrated care departments in many hospitals.

This workshop will describe the energy systems (e.g., meridians, chakras, auras) that form the foundation of all energy methods. Specific ways to assess and balance the energies will be demonstrated.

Some of the research behind energy based methods will be reviewed as well as ethical and professional considerations for those wanting to use the methods to help others.

This workshop will be a blend of didactic and experiential opportunities. Participants may observe or participate. In either case, you will leave with a set of tools that you can immediately use to balance your own energies and foster your health and well-being.

In this workshop you will:

  • Understand the premise underlying energy based methods.
  • Learn the basic energy systems of the body.
  • Review the research available for Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.
  • Experience a daily energy routine that balances many of the basic energies.
  • Learn how to apply energy methods relevant to physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral concerns.
  • Integrate energy methods into a cognitive-behavioral framework.
  • Know how to apply energy methods ethically and professionally.


Doug J. Moore, Ph.D. is a Psychologist, Life Coach, and Spiritual Teacher.  He is the founder of Thrive and Awaken®, a website with classes on self-discovery and conscious waking.  He provides online life coaching and spiritual direction and spiritual teaching to help people learn to Thrive and Awaken®.  Doug Moore integrates traditional services with alternative and complementary approaches such as meditation, mindfulness, enneagram, energy psychology, energy medicine, EFT, AIT, and EMDR. Doug's holistic approach is applicable for people wanting to learn thriving tools applicable to many areas of daily life as well as those wanting to transform their personal, professional, and spiritual development. He works with adults, couples and organizations in the USA and internationally. As an Amazon Associate I earn a commission from qualifying purchases. This applies to links to books on my site.

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