Doug J. Moore, Ph.D.

Doug J. Moore, Ph.D.

Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology is based on the premise that humans are comprised of a subtle form of energy and that emotional and cognitive disturbances are a result of imbalances in the energy. Energy Psychology methods attempt to bring a balance to subtle life energies which help facilitate optimal health and well-being. These contemporary psychological practices fall under the broader field of Energy Medicine and are based on thousands of years of practice coming from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine from India, and Tibetan Medicine.

There are a variety of Energy Psychology procedures that commonly include the client tapping or holding acupressure points on the body while thinking about and feeling difficult emotions and/or circumstances. The methods appear to help facilitate a diminished emotional charge when recalling the targeted difficult events or experiences. Such methods are also used to enhance one’s confidence or skills in a variety of areas such a public speaking, artistic performance, or everyday social interactions.

According to David Feinstein, Ph.D., Energy Psychology has been used for 1) Immediate Relief/Stabilization, 2) Extinguishing Conditioned Responses, 3) Overcoming Complex Psychological Problems, and 4) Promoting Optimal Functioning. He discusses these tiers in an article titled, “Energy Psychology in Disaster“, published in the journal, Traumatology (2008). You may click on the title for a copy of the article.

There is an increased professional interest in subtle energy for psychological matters as evidenced in the formation of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), whose annual conference brings together hundreds of therapists and lay people from around the world. Their web site,, has up-to-date research articles on the role of such energies in psychotherapy.

Here is a pdf of the current research available on Energy Psychology: Science Behind Energy Psychology-Quick Facts. ACEP also provides a certification program for professionals wanting to integrate energy psychology methods with their mental health services. I am certified by ACEP as a Diplomat of Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

I have also been certified by Fred Gallo, Ph.D. one of the early pioneers of Energy Psychology and its use in developing greater consciousness. I also use other methods in which I’ve received training such as EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, Faster EFT, Emotion Code and Body Code, and Advanced Integrated Therapies.

EFT is a common acupressure procedure where you tap on 12 points that have been traditionally used for acupuncture. Tapping on these points appears to have similar effects as acupuncture. The EFT website has an abundance of case studies and testimonials from thousands of people who have benefited from this tapping procedure.

The clinical findings of many psychotherapists including myself indicate that chronic patterns in one’s life can quickly shift when the corresponding energies holding the pattern are modified. Cognitive, emotional, behavioral, or physical patterns that have been present for years have dissolved in minutes. The Promise of Energy Psychology authored by David Feinstein, Ph.D., Fred Gallo, Ph.D., and Donna Eden shows there is indeed great promise in bringing flow, balance, and resilience to your mind and body’s vital energies by using these methods. You can read more about the broader field of Energy Medicine and Donna Eden on my Energy Medicine webpage.